Baby Gray + Family

A beautiful baby boy was welcomed into a beautiful family, and I was lucky enough to observe some of these early moments.  When Shannon and Dana contacted me to photograph their newborn, Gray, I was beyond excited; I always love to capture the really personal experiences of a family, especially when there is a new addition.  The whole clan, including their two wonderful canine loves, were such troopers as I followed them around for an entire morning, catching glimpses of tender moments between newborn and parents and even managing to capture everyone together for a few shots!  Thanks to the entire family for such a great experience – I can’t wait to see your lives unfold together!


Austin’s Own Shawn Colvin

Just last week I had the chance to capture Shawn Colvin performing.  While I have been able to photograph her in the past, to be able to shoot her at One World Theatre was such a wonderful experience.  Among the dripping curtains and colorful lights, Colvin walked out onto the stage with nothing but her guitar and her smile.  And she completely rocked the audience!  Along with David Garza by her side, Colvin played a myriad of songs from old classics to tunes off her new record. She and Garza, old friends, played off of each other’s humour and guitar riffs all evening, leading me to capture her delightfully devilish grin.  It was a fabulous performance that I felt very lucky to be a part of.  Here are a few of my favorite moments from the night…

Jamie & Rocco (& Conchetta Too!)

Sorry it’s been a little while readers, I have been one busy girl!  Between my all my photo shoots and post-production editing, I managed to capture this beautiful family.  Jamie is one of those moms that has remained gorgeous and glowing throughout her pregnancy, and this shoot was a testament to that.  Capturing spots that were off the beaten track all over Town Lake, Jamie remained a trooper the whole time, even in the heat!  I can’t wait for little Conchetta to enter the world- I’m sure she’ll be just as beautiful as her mother!

Jamie also has an adorable son named Rocco (anyone seeing the Italian theme here?) who just turned two.  With just a few bottles of paint and a white sheet, we let this little one go wild and I was there to capture the whole fantastic mess!  It was a wonderful day with a great family- I can’t wait to photograph you again and your newest life milestones!

California Part 2: Up The Pacific Coast Highway…

For anyone who hasn’t driven up the Pacific Coast Highway, I urge you to do this.  While there are many beautiful stretches of road across the United States, this is by far one of the most stunning areas in the entire world.  Taking off from LA, we drove up through a car show in Santa Barbara, the rolling hillside of San Luis Obispo, the quaint boating community of Morrow Bay and the unforgettable stretch of road that is the Big Sur.  While it took 11 hours to get to Carmel, the whole trip seemed to fly by, watching in awe as the backdrop of the world became more breathtaking with each mile.  I don’t think I’ve ever taken photos more feverishly, capturing Earth at it’s peak from sunup to sundown, and even managing to document the solar eclipse in Carmel.  This was truly a bucket list item that I feel so lucky to have accomplished.  I hope you enjoy the drive…

California Part 1: LA LA Land

Los Angeles. A city full of bright colors, flash and sunny beaches.  Flying into LA, I had no idea what to expect since I only had a faded memory of the city from visiting 10 years ago.  However, I was pleasantly surprised during our stay.  Sunny and beautiful, with people that were just as friendly, I had the time of my life.  From visiting friends, hiking along the Hollywood Hills and shopping on Melrose, to visiting family in Santa Monica and spending a day on the beach, I can see why it’s so easy to get lost in this place…

The Trip of a Lifetime

Over the past two weeks, my new fiance and I took time out for a long-planned vacation to California.  Landing in LA, and then driving up the winding and spectacular Pacific Highway to Carmel and eventually San Francisco, we were constantly enchanted with our friends, the gorgeous landscape and incredible memories.  Over the course of the trip, I snapped over 3,000 pictures and priceless shots.  While it will take me a little while to sift through and edit all these photos, I did want to leave you with a few that are near and dear to my heart of me and my prized Canon Rebel doing our thing.  Look soon for a series of blog posts capturing the heart of each leg of the trip- I can’t wait to share it with all of my readers!




Christy & Mark. Engagement Session.

Christy and Mark are one of the most amazing couples I have met in Austin, and have become dear friends.  They work together, play together and still manage to have a wonderful time doing it all as a twosome.  During their engagement shoot, their love was so apparent as they made one another laugh the whole time, even seeming to understand each other’s body language.  We incorporated elements of their own life and personality into the outing, combining colorful balloons, a scooter and even their puppy, Charlie!  I had such an unbelievable time being able to capture these two on film, and I can’t wait to share in their joyous wedding day in October- enjoy!

Cow Parade. 2011.

Rarely has a cow gotten so much attention.  While la vaca has been enjoyed in the forms of a $25.oo New York truffle burger or a hide rug in the middle of a cabin living room, this gentle, sometimes forgotten creature has recieved more attention than ever as the art form of the infamous Cow Parade.  Originally formed in Switzerland, this exhibit became famous in 1999 when Chicago first featured the painted cows all over the city to bring awareness and further the art culture.  The event was so successful that it spawned new exhibits all over America; now Austin is lucky enough to have this ongoing event.  With an afternoon, a tank of gas and my trusty Rebel by my side, I decided to capture these magnificent works of art all over the River City.

It was absolutely unreal how many talented artists exist within Austin, and how inspiring these cows were to look at for any creative soul stopping by.  If you haven’t made it yet, take an afternoon to walk around Downtown and marvel at these superb creatures.

River City. Xochil Monzon. Photo Shoot.

Last week I had the chance to take photos of model Xochil Monzon for a new portfolio campaign.  The combination of a Texas summer day, Austin as the scenic background and Xochil’s undeniable allure created true magic on film.  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I loved taking them….